Location / Rates


Fix and Repair Engineering is based in Saughall near Chester in the North of the United Kingdom:

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Though we encourage anyone with an interesting project anywhere in the world to get in touch.


Indicative rates start at £30 per hour of work. Though each job usually receives a custom quote.

Terms of Business

The usual approach is, after the customer has contacted us detailing the work required, we will provide a quote for the work. These quotes are usually treated as estimates, and if during the lifetime of the project it becomes apparent that the work involved in significantly higher than was expected (10% higher as a guide) then we will contact the customer and seek a revised quote and ask whether the work is worth continuing with at this revised expense.

It is often beneficial to receive photographs of the machinery or part which requires the work beforehand, especially if the customer is geographically distant from the north west United Kingdom, though undertaking work having only seen such photographs can at times make the quotes given less accurate.

Work at a customer premises can be considered.

It is assumed the customer will do their best to supply as much technical information regarding the project as is appropriate (and, as above, photographs often help here).

Note that the customer is responsible for the carriage and any insurance of the component(s)/item(s) to and from Fix an Repair Engineering Premises.