Rock Band Drum Pedal

A colleague of my partner asked me if I could sort out his drum pedal. He is a ‘heavy hitter’ in a rock band that plays pubs and clubs in Liverpool (yes this is the city where the Beatles started).

The problem was that during a gig the drum pedal bearings that are attached to the bottom plate kept coming loose during the performance. He had tried everything to stop it happening, tape, new screws etc. A close look at the mounting screws and other screws on the frame revealed that they are UNC type threads. These are not common in the UK and were popular on American made cars during the 1960’s. This drum pedal is an American imported product so it all fitted together. He had bought the drum pedal second-hand and somewhere in its past metric screws had been substituted - these had ruined the original threads.

The solution was to drill out the old screw threads re-tap with metric threads fortunately American products are not short of metal so there was plenty of metal. Also if the screws came loose again it would be easy to get some replacements in the UK. I fitted stainless steel socket countersunk screws and made sure they would not move by locking them in with thread lock adhesive.

So this drum pedal lives on. The screw threads and its country of manufacture suggest it has a long provenance in the City of the Beatles. Who knows who’s feet have used it in the past and will do in the future.