3 images of Howard Jennings, working with machinery and woodFix and Repair is a UK-based engineering firm specialising in work that could be described as niche, precision and bespoke. It is managed by Howard Jennings, a mechanical engineer and inventor with forty years' experience.

As well as a degree in Mechanical Engineering Howard holds a number of patents for engineering technologies he invented, including a bio-technological process to decommission radioactive plants and a method of using light beams to melt and contain radioactive waste. Other patents have included a way of storing energy using high speed flywheels.

Apprentice trained at Renold Ltd, Power Transmission Engineers, well known for roller chains. Howard worked for many years for the UK-government owned British Nuclear Fuels, designing components for highly sophisticated machinery. Since leaving BNFL  he worked for  a business incubator that specialised in high technology and worked on prototypes for radically new heat engines amongst other things

Howard now runs Fix and Repair and is interested in hearing from anyone who has any form of niche, bespoke engineering problem (that they may indeed have struggled to find the solution for elsewhere).

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Meet Howard

image of Howard Jennings, Fix and Repair founderHoward is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Right from early days Howard has always been interested in mechanical things. Cutting his teeth on bikes, engines, cars then after his degree moving into high technology manufacturing where fundamental engineering problems had to be tackled on an almost daily basis. Howard enjoys the challenge of the problems that most engineers back away from. Usually the 'stock' solutions either haven't worked or just won't work. Howard uses his breadth of experience to find a solution at a realistic cost.