Fixing & Repairing:

  • Old machinery
  • Metal Antiques
  • Machine design faults or omissions
  • Machine tools
  • Vintage cars (restoration)
  • Furniture

By engineering:

  • Custom parts
  • Machine components
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Metric – imperial parts
  • Special tools
  • Repair Consultancy




Fix and Repair Engineering considers repairs which need precision work and ingenuity to achieve a result, where the cost of the repair to the customer is reasonable. Fix and Repair Engineering refurbishes old and unobtainable parts which have worn out and makes them serviceable again and therefore maintains the originality of, say, a vintage car. It could be that a machine tool does not perform properly, and analysis of the problem shows that a specially made new component will overcome a long standing performance problem. Fix and Repair Engineering also considers modifications to machine tools or even design and manufacture of special tools for particular purposes. These could be small industrial tools or modifications to old machines to make them perform for the twenty first century. Sometimes there is an omission in a design, a design fault or mating problem (e.g. metric to imperial) with components. Fix and Repair Engineering can design special flanges, mating components etc. to overcome these problems.